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07 Toyota Matrix shifting issues

I am having a shifting issue with our 2007 Toyota Matrix (85k mi) 5 speed manual, but only when shifting from 3 to 4 and only when shifting quickly. For a week now when I need to shift quickly from 3 to 4 (such as accelerating when merging onto a highway) if I don’t pause in neutral for a half second to a second I get some resistance going into 4th. There is no gear grinding noise just difficulty to put it in and then finally it gives. My wife describes it as a “ka-chunk” feel if that helps at all…
I’m afraid it will cost me a lot for a new transmission if that is what is causing the issue, but I’ve also read it might be a clutch or fluid level issue.

Change the transmission oil and cross your fingers.
I recommend changing it every 30k.
2003 & 2004 had bearing problems with this transmission.
I changed the oil in my 2006 5-sp Matrix at 21k and it was pretty “dirty”.

Your synchro is having issues. This helps match speeds between the moving gears while shifting. It could be old oil. Particles in the oil or a gear/snychro near failure. What has your transmission maintenance been and have you had this since new?

I agree with euryale1. Toyota trans are usually durable in this area. My guess is someone has been downshifting at too high a speed, poor maintenance or " speed shifty" or all of the above.