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07 Kia Sportage , Downstream sensor issue

Hi Car_talk guys,
Two weeks ago my 07 Kia Sportage starts running funny while im driving to work. I stopped at AutoZone as soon as I had the issue come up and it reported that I had a heated oxygen sensor that was failing bank 2 sensor 1. So im able to drive it sputtering on and off till i was able to park it at home and order the parts.
I ended up replacing both downstream heated 02 sensors, since I read I should replace them in pairs. this would be ultimately what I did. so I take it for a drive and it still sputtering, I reset the ecu by pulling ecu fuses and turning car to on for five minutes as well as disconecting the battery after. Still im having the same issue no codes are presented anymore, but still plenty of sputtering when accelerating. I have both upstream sensors to replace as well but I was going to wait to replace them because of how the sensors are in such a tight spot. At this point im considering replacing those two upstream sensors but I’ve got all kinds of different ideas being thrown at me from family members from spark plugs to spark plug wires need to be replaced and I’m just not sure a this point what could be doing this?

That’s the up-stream sensor on bank 2.

I have no idea why you replaced the down-stream sensors?



Besides what @Tester stated we don’t know the actual code that was brought up by the scanner. Post the code here and we can give alot more dependable advise. Many a time O2 sensors have been unnecessarily replaced. It sounds like you’ve already done that once. Post the codes and maybe you can avoid doing it again.

well the paper I had the original readout on got shreaded so from what i recall it said bank 2 sensor 1.
after replacing those sensors though which I thought were the proper failed sensors. When i took it in, there is no longer any codes being read.