'07 hyundai Tucson belt problem

My car has been squealing for a while, this suddenly stopped last night while driving, and i lost power steering. AC still runs but no hot air which i like to have when it’s cold like this. Battery light and abs light are on. I am at work so i can’t take a look inside the car right now, but from the internet research i’ve been doing apparently this car has 3 belts in it’s drive belt system? If anybody has an idea of what my problem is I would appreciate your input, thanks.

Until you look under the hood to see if you still have all the belts I won’t even try and guess . If you are not able to do the work then find a good shop to fix your vehicle.


The Squealing was the indication that there was a problem. The problem caused the belt to fall off or it isn’t turning certain pulley(s). If you had no heat I’d suspect this belt turned the water pump and you are overheating the engine. After work I you probably should check your coolant and oil levels. And drive it to the repair shop if it’s within a mile. If not, have it towed.


Your engine might not start when you leave work later today. If it does start, you will not be able to drive very far, so I suggest that you either have the car towed to a mechanic’s shop, or you get a mobile mechanic service to come to your work site to replace the belt and do whatever else is necessary.


The squealing belt you’ve been ignoring has finally broken.


There wasnothing sudden about your belt failure, it was saying goodby for a while. Ignoring small problems can turn them into bigge3r ones.