07 Honda Odyssey 16" Rear Wiper Blade replacement

Went to my local well stocked and knowledgeable auto parts shop for this item and they said the only thing that they have that comes close is a TICO 14" blade. Doesn’t seem like a good option to cut 2" of rear visibility.

Seems like Honda made a special end on this item that the standard blades don’t work with.

Does anyone know of a brand or an adapter (outside of an epoxy) that would work and is the right size? Going to the dealer to buy a replacement (I was not impressed with the original) does not make sense. Thanks.

I haven’t seen the set up on the Odyssey. I have an '01 Toyota Sequoia that has a special thingy on the blade so that it “rests” in a holder that keeps the blade off the rear window. I found a wiper refill that you can trim and cut it to size and figured out how to get it into the old blade. Presto, it works great. Toyota wanted something ridiculous for the rear wiper blade, over $20. The refill was about $3 for a pair.

It might be easier to replace the blade insert. In fact many cars are going that way…More green.

I’ve been told the new Civics have some sort of special way of attaching the blade to the arm and you have to buy replacement blade inserts from the dealer. Maybe the Odyssey is similar. The blade inserts don’t cost much.

My wifes Lexus is that way. You can’t replace the blade…You either have to replace the whole arm or just the inserts. Inserts are easy…and cheap.