07 ford torus hose leak

Hello, When I got home from a long dirve I noticed this white-ish smoke coming from under the hood. I opened it and found that the tube for the window wash was disconnetced so I re connected it. Idk if that’s what was causing the smoke or not. I also noticed That at the bottoms there was something leaking from the tube. See pics. Bottom tube with the silver connector. What do these go to? The smell was kinda sweet.

Thanks a lot

Sweet smells are usually the result of coolant leaks. If you are seeing liguid leaking from the lower rear tubes, (The Metal tubes that mate with the rubber hoses sitting next to the bulkhead) that would be coolant leak as those lines are the supply and return for the HVAC heater core. Typical line rust-out location.

Make sure you have coolant in the reservoir bottle… DO NOT drive the vehicle if the bottle is empty. If low, refill it with the 50-50 mix of coolant and ensure that you keep the coolant level up until the heater core tubes are replaced.

WHAT… is leaking? this is your guide.
Green or gold, coolant.
blueish /clear, washer fuild.
red , transmission / power steering fluid.
Brown like maple syrup…engine oil.
In the picture , I’m not sure what is leaking but I see two heater hoses there. That ‘‘silver connector’’ is just a factory sub-assembly style hose clamp and can be cut off to be able to replace the rubber hose with a worm clamp available at parts stores. ( a Ford O.E. hose is an assembly of both and is around $200. )

I saw mostly a dog and hand bags, but agree with Ken.

I see so much evidence of stuff splattered about I would recommend a pressure test to determine the source of the leak. Or do you actually see it leaking, I did not see what you were talking about.

Sure look like windshield washer fluid to me.