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06 MDX Naviagtion System suddenly stopped working


the navigation on my 06 mdx suddenly stopped working. The screen appears to be blank and does not illuminate in anyway.

I had my passenger side window replaced (due to a recent vandalism) and as I was leaving the repair shope I noticed my Nav screen was not powering on. I asked the shop and they said it was just a bad coinsidence! Do you know if the two could be related? They obviously had to unplug the wires for power contol to replace window. Is ther anything else that could have caused this or is it just in need of replacement.



Did you check the fuse? Did you check for damage to the unit under the passenger seat?

I did look at fuse box and didn’t notice any burnt out. However Im not sure which fuse would control navigation. I checked my manual on this too with no luck. I will look under the seat at unit box. Originally the navigation screen and all controls where working on the way to the auto glass shop. Just need to make sure it is not related or a simple tweek I can repair myself. I truly appreciate your response.

I checked the unit under passengers seat. Its Jason power and power siginal is orange. I ejected the Navigation CD and reinserted. Navigation screen is still showing no power.

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