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'06 Legacy seat position sensor

after having a diagnostic done, discovered that the driver seat track position sensor has failed.
i have 2 questions:

  1. could having my airbags replaced via a dealership/recall cause this seat position sensor to fail or fault???

  2. If i can get a seat track at a local salvage yard, would the sensor still be ok if the airbag had been deployed on the vehicle?

  1. Did they remove the drivers seat during the replacement of the airbag? Probably not.

  2. The seat position sensor normally isn’t damaged during a collision, it is not blown up during airbag deployment. Is a new replacement seat position senor not available separate from the seat track?

I do not believe the seat was removed for the airbag recall repair.

But the whole seat track does need to be replaced.
I found one at a junk yard but the airbag had deployed and they figured the sensor was probably damaged because of that, but you think its probably fine?
And a new oem seat track goes for $840-1100

So i was hoping for used

With some systems the impact sensors and the airbag control module must be replaced after airbag deployment and this may promote the thought that all sensors must be replaced after airbag deployment.

I would not be concerned with using a used sensor if the seat is not damaged. Be aware that some of these sensor faults can be caused by wiring failure or poor contacts in the connectors.

The diagnostic I had done, was at a Sullivan Tire (new england/Boston company) i have gone there for years and have thought that they treated us well. they have a guy on staff that apparently only does diagnostics.
so, I called 2 local dealership service departments and when i mentioned a bad “seat track position sensor” they seemed to have no idea what i was talking about, had never heard of such a thing, especially since the code that is displayed on the dash is ER-SS or ER 55, what i thought was a speed sensor error. my speed sensors are clean, not wet, an in overall good condition. i am really unsure what to do.

do i purchase a seat from a junk yard and replace it ($100 + labor) and hope that clears my error? i dont really want to spend another 100-150 on another diagnostic just to find out the same thing.

any advice or thoughts would be appreciated

thank you

See here-

What is a seat track position sensor? Never heard of this. Usually the seat track is bolted to the floor.

Ecit: Oh, I see. It senses the position of the seat in the track, not the position of the seat track.

Junk yard seat that does not solve problem will just be wasted money. You really need to have someone determine the actual problem.

Edit: A search on the web shows that a seat position sensor will cause the drivers airbag to function at a reduced force of the driver is to close to the steering wheel. One site also called for a seat memory position sensor. This still sounds like a dealer service item rather that a chain tire shop.

A web search shows that there is a device called a seat track position sensor, but it doesn’t show up for a Subaru. Maybe the tech used a sensor name he is familiar with, but he isn’t familiar with Subaru. There is a seat occupant sensor for Subarus. One way to be sure is to go to a Subaru dealer’s parts department and ask to see an exploded view of the seat assembly. It should name all the sensors associated with the seat.