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'06 Corolla 1.8 L V V Ti Valve Clearance Check

Just got this car and have been reviewing the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. They call for checking the valve clearance at 60,000 miles. Car has 90,000 miles now and I am assuming that the valves have not yet been checked.

How critical is this check and adjustment? Can I expect that it really will need adjustment at this point? Is this job a good candidate for a do-it-yourselfer or does it pay to have a real mechanic do it. I have tools and experience, but never worked on a Toyota before now.

If you can get the valve covers off (and back on), you can do it. The only Corolla I ever worked on was a longitudinally-mounted I4 and was easy. The transverse is probably not any more difficult. You should probably get ahold of a manual or check the library’s copy. It can’t hurt.