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05 Sebring "chugs" while driving

Check engine light comes on, car starts “chugging”, recovers, chugs, recovers. So we limp to our destination. Check engine light goes off after car stands overnight. Repeat after driving car again. Mechanic replaced a 4" square “switch” somewhere “hot” last time. Said heat makes it go bad. Can’t find anything 4" square under the hood. Mechanic says this part goes out all the time on this model and year. Help

That was your coil pack…

is that something I can get at the part store and replace myself?

Yes it is relatively ez to replace and readily available… but if it was already done what is the logic here? There are many other things it could be such as a bad crank sensor not telling a perfectly good coil pack WHEN to fire the plugs…etc. Dont just swap another coil pack in…they are quite reliable actually and to see two pack failures back to back suggests something other than the pack…now you could get one from a yard just to see… Did the mechanics coil pack solve your issue for some time or something? Any engine codes to go on here?

You need to get the error codes read from the computer (stored every time the check engine light comes on) and post those here. Many auto parts chain stores will read these for free.

took it to the only parts store open on Sunday in my small backwoods town. Light went out turning into the parking lot. Store clerk says “can’t read an error code if the light isn’t on”. I asked the question “Oh, then the code isn’t stored in there somewhere”? Guys says “nope but if you think that’s it I can order the part and have it here tomorrow.” “Na”, I say. "I’ll try it at the other store tomorrow."
Thanx for the input. Hopefully the next store can help me.

Answer - car needed new ECM - $850 at dealership. Arg. Had 5 different bad codes - all false. Thanx for all the help.