05 Honda Civic

My wife’s 05 Honda Civic with 105,00 miles on it is making a vibrating noise that sounds like going over a washboard. It seems to come from the right front of the car and only happens between 35 and 45 mph. We have been to 2 different repairs shops and replaced the bearings, struts, shocks, axels brakes, tires and engine mounts… I’ spent close to $3000 on this car and still haven’t fixed the problem. My wife is starting to look at new cars and now I think I should of done that $3000 ago. Anybody have any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

I am going to presume your Civic is an automatic. You are describing torque converter judder. This occurs at the speeds you state, and is caused by the lock up converter engaging the lock up too soon. when you are experiencing the problem, shift into D3, see if it stops. Lock up only happens in D4. If it does, you will probably need to replace the torque converter. Hopefully you have changed the trans fluid 3 times already, with Honda automatic fluid, not aftermarket… If not, doing a few drain and fills, driving in between them, might help. If it is the torque converter, you can drive in D3, unless you are going over 45mph., so you don’t experience the problem. Hope this helps.

I agree with Conoso. Many Hondas and Acuras have a problem with the torque converter that happens around 40 MPH under light acceleration. It’s usually described as feeling like driving over rumble strips.

While I use good independent mechanics, sometimes before you spend money on parts and labor a trip to the Honda dealer is in order. A this point, $3,000 later, a Honda dealer should be your next stop with this car.

A malfunction in the torque converter seems like a very good lead to check out.

Yes it is automatic. I have the transmission fluid changed every 30000 miles. Sounds like a trip to Honda or the transmission shop is in order. Any ideas on an approximate cost?
Thank you