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05 CRV Dash Lights Half Out

I recently installed a new car stereo in my 05 CRV to replace the factory unit which had a broken CD player. Everything appeared to go fine, but I noticed at night that when the Head Light switch was turned on, only the top half of the dash lights would turn on, the lights for the AC/Heater failed to light, and the PRNDD1D2 lights which work fine in the day (sans the drive light not working, but that’s been the case for a year now) would turn off. I’ve checked the fuses and found no blown ones, although the fact that the top half of the dash lights still turn on made a blown fuse seem less likely. The lights that are left on will still dim/brighten when the dimmer knob is turned, and I noticed that if I pull the small lights fuse the dash lights don’t work, but the PRNDD1D2 lights remain lit even with the headlights on. I’ve tried removing and re installing the factory stereo to see if there was a short in the new wiring harness, but that changed nothing. As is the car is still drivable, as the top half of the dash lights is enough to make all the gauges readable, but it’s still a bit annoying. Any clues as to what I’ve done, and is there a reasonably cheap fix to the problem?

Electrical problems are a bit challenging, esp on the net, that’s why nobody is answering.

To me it seems like if after putting the factory unit back, you still have the problem, then it is a nicked wire somewhere in the vicinity of the work you did. Start looking for dry cracked wires or broken pins in the connectors.

Did the light in the display of the original radio come on with the headlights or with the radio? In some radios, there is feed from the lighting circuit to the display. If this is the case, you might try to trace this wire from the harness. A wiribng diagram would help here.