04 PT cuiser sqeeking/08 Sky collecting dust

Hi first time posting…I have two cars and two questions.
First my PT cruiser is squeaking when I brake AND turn not just when I brake or just when I turn, but brake AND turn usually over a couple of small bumps like a driveway. IS this a shocks problem or do I need to have my brakes done AGAIN? I’d also, id like your opinion on my 08 Sky, manual, 16000 miles, is blue book a good source for value or should I keep it for a few more years and get more money for it? I sorta did buy it as a collectible but also because I loved it. I never drove it is rain and definitely not snow. usually store it in winter. and how can I get the best possible price for it in the future, I hear I should keep it another 5 years for it to be more valuable than its original price, if at all.

PT Cruiser, I don’t think it is a shocks or brake problem. It really takes a good mechanic with eyes and ears on it to find the problem, anything here would be just a guess. My guess would be the sway bar bushings, but that would have to be confirmed with an actual inspection.

Buying a collectors item for an investment is a gamble. Sitting around and not being driven regularly is tough on a vehicle. Rubber seals dry out, metal that is not being bathed in a lubricant periodically will rust (i.e timing chain, tops of gears in the transmission, cam bearings etc.) And there is the additional risk of theft or fire in the storage building.

You need to take this car out for a 30+ mile drive at least once a month, even in winter. There are good days when the roads are clear in winter. It needs to be washed frequently and it will need more frequent oil changes.

I talked with an owner of a Pontiac Solstice awhile back and he told me that he had already turned down several offers that were three times the original price, but his was one of the rare turbocharged versions.

Thanks for your comments, I do drive the Sky in summer about once a week, but the winter it sits for 3-4 months depending on the weather. I disconnect the battery and cover it. I’m just trying to keep the mileage down some. I didn’t actually buy it for an investment, but when after I was looking at them heard that the car was “probable” to fetch at least its original price after 10 years, I went ahead and took the gamble. It’s never even gotten a scratch! But I was never to proud of it, until I was asked by the Chevy dealership if I EVER drove it because it was so clean. :slight_smile:
I’ll ask someone look at the bushing on the PT. Thanks

The timing chain is lubricated by oil when the engine is running. If it sets for a long time, the chain will begin to rust and then when it is used, it can and often will snap at that time. You need to at least start and warm up the engine once a month, driving it a little on a nice, clear, dry day would be better. Every winter has a few of those.

It’s not possible to tell without an actual inspection, but my guess on the brake/turn squeaking problem – assuming this squeak is heard from the front, not the rear — is just that the front brake pads contact the rotor at maybe a slightly different angle or something when the front wheels are turned vs straight ahead. So the pads are hitting a spot on the rotor not normally swept clean by the pads during routine braking, which could indeed cause a squeak during simultaneous braking turning. If this theory is correct, the noise might get a little louder with more extreme turns. OP could try it in a bump free parking lot , maintain the same slow speed, but experiment by turning in different amounts while braking. If the noise is more apparent the more extreme the turn angle is, that would be consistent w/this idea. If so, it might help a bit to lube the front caliper slides.