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04 kia sedona car shoes

My husband replaced our Kia’s shoes, but now the drum will not fit over it to put it all together again. At this point we can’t even drive it to a mechanic to fix it. Please help with something new.

If this Sedona uses a similar design of the rear brakes as the Elantra, the brake shoe adjusters need to be retracted when the shoes are replaced.

As BurstedKnuckles mentioned the adjusters must be turned all the way in.

Also on this system the parking brake cable has to be readjusted back to its initial length. If the parking brake has been adjusted to keep the pedal within the correct range of motion, it is now adjusted too tight and will hold the shoes out too far to get the drums back on with the fresh shoes.

Hope this helps.

How do we adjust the parking brake cable to its initial length?

Is there anything else that we need to compress?

I am geussing that you do not have the haynes or chiltons manual handy. Look while it is simple you do not know enough to do the job. On a bad day call around to local shops and beg to speak to a mechanic. otherwise your local library may help. There can be points to release the parking brake cable that allow resizing the cable. The pad adjusters are in the drum houseing and need to be made as short as possible. I’m not knowledge filled with this car but looking around may help.