04 Explorer Transmission problems IMMEDIATELY after oil change

Like the title says. 04 Explorer.

No transmission issues ever. Immediately after doing an oil change myself for first time, get some transmission dropouts, slipping out of gear at stop lights, waiting way too long to go into 2nd, etc.

Then, started getting OD off light, and service engine. Error codes show something about wrong setting for 2nd, 5th, solenoid error… a bunch of 'em.

Anyway, guy at parts store says I must have knocked a wire loose causing misreads between cpu and transmission. It’s a real pain getting under there since I’m using jack stands, so wondering if anyone knows exactly what I should be looking for or at least the exact name of a connector or something so I can look it up.


Have you checked the transmission fluid?

If it’s low, check your engine oil. If that’s too high you drained your transmission instead of your engine oil.