03 windstar grinding brakes

my 03 windstar SEL needed new brakes and to have the rotors turned… instead i opted to buy new discs and pads online at what i thought was a great price…$80
to my surprise the new discs were about a 16th of an inch thinner than the old…i changed discs and pads and was happy for a few days, but now on occasion when coming to a stop the front brakes grind terribly…the next time i stop everything is fine…visa versa…dscs feel true (no pulsing) I DID APPLY BRAKE QUIET TO THE BACKS OF PADS…ANY THOUGHTS

If the new rotors are thinner than what the specs are for the vehicle then they’re not OEM rotors. And if that’s the case who knows if you got OEM brake pads?

You can read the importance of installing the proper rotors along with the proper pads to avoid brake noise here.


If you want to get rid of the brake noise, I suggest that you go to a local parts store and get OEM specific brake pads and rotors and install those.


Did you make sure they were the right parts for your car? If you bought them online from a store like Advance Auto Parts or RockAuto and entered your vehicle’s details, then they should be the correct parts (unless an error was made in fulfillment).