03 Toyota Tacoma, auto.2.7engine only gets 23mpg..Is that rare?

I think I need to sell it because I bought the truck only because I thought I could get great gas mileage (at least28mpg). I have had all points inspected, all filters changed and just had the injectors professionally cleaned. Is my truck just defective? Could that be?

According to http://www.fueleconomy.gov, that’s about average for that vehicle.

Research. There’s almost nothing you’re going to be able to do to make it better (including losing the tailgate, which can make it worse).

Toyota only rates this in 2wd configuration at 17 city and 20 hwy. You’re doing great!

Next time, you should check before buying.

Yep, either resign yourself to a typical truck’s mpgs, or do so research (the EPA web site chaissos mentioned is good, as is the car buyers guide from Consumer Reports). But if you need a pickup, this is about as good as it gets.

You are actually doing noticeably better than your truck is rated to get. There’s nothing wrong with your truck, and frankly expecting at least 28 MPG out of any truck is unrealistic at best.

Three years ago I borrowed 2005 Tacoma 2WD 5-speed regular cab truck to drive from Las Vegas to Sacramento Ca. to pick up the truck I puchased. This truck had a folding tow bar on the front. The truck achieved 25 MPG, however it had very tall gearing and I found myself down shifting on every grade (there is very little flat groud here). Geared for only fuel economy, I would hate to have to carry a load in it.

The Ram I pulled the Toyota home with got 14 MPG, but that’s what trucks are for, buy a car. I drive my truck once a month, it’s for towing.

Great fuel economy with automatic transmission and that huge engine. A 2.2 may have been a more sensible engine but it probably wasn’t offered.

24 for this truck is doing pretty darn good. If you want at least 28 out of a pickup truck, you need something a lot older, a lot lighter, and a lot smaller. Think a well-rusted (for the iron oxide weight loss program) Chevy S-10 from the mid to late '80s with a four cylinder and five speed stick. Those have been known to achieve upper 20s in the MPG department. Your truck has too much weight, too much luxury, and too much motor to achieve the MPG numbers you want.

Where did you get the expectation of 28 mpg from this truck? That simply isn’t realistic.

I’ve owned 5 of them. You can get up to 28 mpg but not with the 2.7 and not driving much over over 55. The aerodynamics will kill you. The 2.7 is absolutely the best 4 cyl gas truck motor on the market. But a mileage champ it isn’t. The v6 can actually do better in some models. You got what is expected. Everyone is right on. The older, smaller PU was more economical. Trucks are trucks.


Since when does 2.7L constitute “huge”? If you think that’s a big engine then what do you make of this http://www.jonkaaseracingengines.com/products/engines/820-ford-hemi/66-820-ford-hemi.html :slight_smile:

Because of the shape of pick-up trucks, 23 MPG is about as good as it gets, even with a small four cylinder engine.

By the way, selling a car (or truck) and buying a new one for better fuel economy is almost always a bad financial decision. In order to save money in the transaction, the savings due to better fuel economy should exceed the cost of getting a new (or used) car.

Buying a new or used car is expensive, between dealership profit, financing, fees, depreciation, and the hit you will take on your Tacoma if you trade it in, make sure you do your homework first and do a financial analysis. Keeping the vehicle you have is usually the most financially sound decision you can make, even when fuel costs $4/gallon.

Maybe I missed something. If “Tammy” gets 23 mpg overall average, that is outstanding. If on the other hand “Tammy” gets 23 mpg highway, that’s just “good” and not much worse than the best I’ve ever averaged on the highway. Two of my trucks had this motor.

I suppose I am comparing this truck to my last tacoma,99 tacoma 4x4 stick,2.7l. I figured that going 2whl. drive and small like what I had,would do better.My last truck was recalled due to rust.It got 28-30mpg. I am sad to hear this.But glad I am at least getting 23mpg. ,I guess!!!

One of my trucks was a standard short bed 4x4 2.7 Tacoma too. It did worse then my older 2.4 but was much more powerful. If I understand you correctly, you got 28 to 30 mpg with a similar model ?? That was at least 5 to 8 mpg more then the 2.7 I had on the highway. You did very well and I understand your disappointment in your 2wd.

But still, if you average 23 mpg overall, city and highway, it is outstanding even in two wheel drive. If you get 23 highway, you could be doing a little better by keep your speeding your speed below 65mph. The biggest difference between my 2wd and 4wd Tacomas was highway miles only and higher speeds hurt both dramatically. Just some thoughts.