03 Toyota Echo

I have an 03 echo with 162000 miles on it. The other day i got in to start it and it would not start, I jumped it and it started. Today i get half way to work and the check engine light comes on and the car feels and sounds like it is going to die. There is another problem too, my front left wheel sounds like something is scraping. I pulled the wheel of and check the pads and rotor and everything looks ok. Please help! Thank you.

The check engine light will be accompanied by a stored error code in the format [P1234] Have your car checked and bring the code back here. Don’t assume that if the code is associated with this or that part, that part needs to be replaced, let’s talk about the code before you spend money. Many auto part stores will read the codes for free.

While you are there have them check the charging system and battery. It is about time for a new battery, assuming you are on the original battery and sometimes a bad battery can trigger an unrelated error code.

As for the scrapping sound, how many miles do you have on your car and have the brakes been replaced yet? Likely you are due and that sound is the built in warning indicating it is time for a bake job.

BTW if you have not had the brake fluid changed yet, now would be a good time.