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'03 Santa Fe timing belt/cover

I have rodent damage to my Santa Fe consisting of chewing

through the timing belt cover and belt, which disabled the


Do all newer cars have plastic belt covers? If not, whch ones

still have metal. It seems this vehicle has plastic in a rather vulnerable place. Anybody else experience this type damage?

That Sounds Pretty Mickey Mouse, To Me! (sorry)

Tough little buggers! All of our timing belt cars have aluminum.

Which cars have aluminum? My mechanic says all newer cars have plastic covers.

Thanks, JJ, Brookings OR

Your mechanic is correct. Timing belt covers are plastic. Timing chains, which some cars have, have metal covers. Rodents can be a problem. Rats (not mice) have teeth harder than concrete. I’ve heard of wires being chewed on, before; not belts.
A pest control service may be able to tell you some preventative measures.

I Guess Our 3.5L Intrepids Are No Longer Considered A Newer Car To Some, Sorry!

I recently replaced a timing belt and the vehicle had one steel partial cover and one cast aluminum cover over the belt.