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03 ford f150 "bird chirp" squeek

I have a 2003 f150 with a 4.2 v6 2wd and about 116 on the clock.

It has this annoying, faint squeek whenever i hit bumps in the road. Sort’ve sounds like bird chirps. I cannot reproduce it if I bounce on it while parked.

One rainy day I tried to show a friend and it would not make the sound it seemed. Therefore I think its exterior, although it almost sounds inside.

Today I sprayed down all the rubber joints under the front end with silicone spray. It still squeeked while driving afterwards.

How else can I go about diagnosing this?

I should note that a ford dealer claimed the ball joints were worn and needed to be replaced. Although, would a ball joint make bird chirp type squeeks while driving at most speeds (20mph - highway speeds)? It does not intensify or change at any particular speed.

My understanding is that a bad ball joint would grind when turning the wheel or clunk while traveling over speed bumps or something similar.


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