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03 cavalier front end

@Wally40819 Check the Mechanics Files link above for a reputable garage in you area.

“Insults are not needed.”

Who threw the first stone?

It may be one persons opinion that a car is not worth repairing but in my area a good 2003 Cavalier is worth more that $2,000, a lower control arm and two tires can be replaced for less.

I don’t consider @Tester 's comment to be insulting to the OP or the car brand.

We don’t know if this cavalier is worth $2000 or $200.

And if it is wearing tires that bad it’s more than one control arm involved. He could have even bent the frame for it to involve both front tires.


When the toe is off it always involves both front tires. Most cars that come in like this have a bent lower control arm/ball joint, it has been years since I sent a car away because of structural damage.

I think Wally has left the building. He didn’t seem to like the advice he got.
Here’s praying that when his front end falls apart it only results in an inconvenience and not a serious accident.

Agree; take the car to a good shop to identify what exactly needs to be done. Do not be surprised f they find extensive damage that exceeds the value of the car.

I go to the AAA program to get a car’s approximate value; any compact 13 years old tends to be around $1000 in good running condition. Your local library will have Blue Book values as well.

I would approach this in a realistic way, and use a capable shop to get a close estimate.

We cannot do this over the Internet, even by looking at a picture of the underside of your car.

I think Wally’s rock accident probably did more than bend something; it probably broke some part of the front end suspension system. It’s not possible to predict what part that is though via an internet forum. Wally needs to have someone with the necessary expertise do a proper diagnosis. Once the problem is identified, Wally can have his own mechanic do the replacement. Taking the car to a good alignment shop is a reasonable way to go, they’ll likely be able to identify most of the broken parts straight away. That’s what they do all day long, look at car’s suspension systems. It’s possible this will be an iterative process, fix what’s identified as broken, take it back to the alignment shop, where they’ll find something else that is bent or broken. But eventually it will be fixed. How expensive all this will be, no way to say.