'03 Camry with "Impact" - Help!



I have a question. I have a white 03 Camry that has, what I’m told is, “impact” on the body. The guys at the car wash said that I’ve run the car through the car wash and the wax that was sprayed on dried into the paint. There are streaks and run marks in the paint. Also, overall, the paint seems “dull”. Now, my wife is the one that took the thing to the car wash and that is when we noticed this problem. Since then I’ve taken it to a guy who claims to be a car detail person. Clearly he is not. Not only could he not remove the “impact” from the car, but he washed and waxed over it. Not to mention the terrible job he did on the inside, but that’s another story all together. So my question is this: How do I get everything off the car? Strip it so to speak. Can I use mild dish washing liquid? If anyone can help I sure would appreciate it. Thanks so much gang!


I don’t know… someone might have a better suggestion than this, but I would wash the car with very warm water and dishwashing detergent. Dishwashing liquid is excellent at stripping off grease, bugs, and the layer of wax on the car. On a white car, it should be okay (I think on a black car it would leave swirl marks like there’s no tomorrow) and may-well get down to the clearcoat. After that, wash it with some decent car soap, apply a coat of wax, and enjoy.

Failing that, you might have a date with a reputable detail man, some very fine polishing paste, and a variable speed buffer.


If you can post a picture of the area in question, we could get a better understanding of the problem, and possibly be of more help.


My advice is to use a pre-wax polish and clay bar. This is just the type of thing they do best. Any decent auto parts store or even WalMart should have the materials. Make sure you read and follow the instructions. I did a quick search and found this web site so you can read a bit about them and how they work- http://www.autopia-carcare.com/inf-clay.html