'02 TDI Golf hesitation and smoking problem

My mechanic discovered carbon buildup in the intake manifold and decided to try to clean it out. Long story short – the car now hesitates horribly, has little power, has started hissing when I try to accelerate and blows black smoke. Check engine light went on intermittently when my husband drove it, but doesn’t go on any more. Ideas?

I can’t answer and don’t like doing this to Car Talk but check at www.TDIClub.com. There is much more VW TDI diesel know-how there than here.

I can’t imagine what carb cleaner does when it gets into a diesel engine with the compression they have.

He probably restored the EGR function …or rather the SGR (soot gas recirculation).

Thank you for the TDI club tip – wish I’d seen it sooner.