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02 Subaru Forester - 2 questions

  1. My car occasionally shimmies as I go from park to first gear. Any idea why?

    2) I have noticed a burning odor (from engine) after I park. Mechanic thinks that it was a plastic bag hitting the exhaust pipe. But the odor is consistent. Any other ideas?

  1. Define “shimmies.”

  2. Have you opened the hood to see if you could locate the source of the burning smell? Perhaps there is a slight oil leak, and oil is dripping on the exhaust or some other hot engine part. A plastic bag would melt away rather quickly, and if it didn’t you would be able to see it under the car and pull it off the exhaust system.

Its movement is jerky at first = “shimmies”.

Yes, I should open the hood and smell where it seems to come from.