02 Nissan Maxima smoke coming out of exhaust

2002 Maxima with 206,000 miles . Just bought this and when u start it it doesn’t smoke for about a minute then starts. There is no coolant in oil and coolant looks clean. Overflow tank was dry when I got it but radiator was full. Runs fine just worried about the smoke. I took video of exhaust smoke but not sure how to post it. It looks white to me but it not real thick. Any suggestions where to start

Does it smoke after the engine is completely warmed up and in warm weather?

It keeps smoking, is there anyway to post a video?

There always seems to be some liquid on on exhaust tip. It doesn’t overheat

206k miles? oil smoke or coolant smoke. my 2 theories

Post it on Youtube(open a free account) then copy and paste the link on your reply.

Coolant smoke most likely because of the dry overflow bottle. I’d suggest the head gasket is in need of replacement.

Did you have it checked by your mechanic before you bought it? I’d guess “No”

Do any of the head gasket sealer products work?

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From what I’ve heard, the head gasket sealers work great if you don’t mind plugged up coolant passages in your engine, or radiator.

Of course, that may not be your problem. I’d take it to a mechanic for a diagnosis first.