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02 mercury sable gs

My car is hitting the rev limiter at 4K when going into passing gear. Rather annoying! Isn’t it supposed to be 6K in gear? Any suggestions?

Replace the rev limiter sensor. That should fix the problem.

There is no such thing. Please don’t reply if you don’t know anything about it.

Some more info would be good - like the mileage on the car, and the state of maintenance items (plugs, wires, fuel & air filters). This can come from very basic things like ignition system problem, fuel pressure issues, even exhaust restrictions. Make sure all basic tune-up type maintenance is up to date, check the fuel pressure under load & check for exhaust restriction (vacuum gauge is pretty basic & easy).

do a good tuneup. What are the miles? It could just be lagging underload. At some point do not be surprised if you get a CEL.

OK what is the fuel pressure supposed to be?