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02 KJ Diesel - Engine running poorly - Timing Issue? HELP

Bought this Jeep on the weekend 167,000km (Australia, if the engine bay looks different).
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The Story - Timing belt broke so the jeep has had the top end rebuilt, it starts with effort and runs poorly as can be heard in this video.

It crawls in first if you let it build up revs, enough for me to get it on a car carrier but that’s it. It had been sitting for 6 months abandoned. I can’t seem to be able to find anything about a diesel with absolutely no power.

I have been told the timing is off so I will be following these tutorials.

What do you guys think? Suggestions or advice before I start this job.

Did you buy this vehicule in that condition?

Yes I did. It’s a project, I’ve always wanted a liberty diesel.

Do you have proof the engine was rebuilt?Hope you didn’t pay much for it.

Before digging in very far, I would do a dry and a wet compression test.

I have no proof, apart from a mechanics word that the work was done. I got it for a good price, as a project.

I’m not very familiar with diesels. I’ll have a look into what a dry and wet compression test is, thanks.