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02' GT eclipse stalling

Hi guys, i’ve posted on another forum but it became inactive and im not getting any answers so I was hoping someone on here could help me.

I have a 02’ Mitsubishi Eclipse GT.
The issue I have is that it idles just fine, but as soon as I put it in drive and push the gas it stalls immediately, however if I unplug the mass airflow sensor the car will drive perfectly fine. I was wondering if I need to replace the MAFS or it is something else. I have a check engine light as well with codes: P0154, P0157, P0102, P0102 P.

Any help is appreciated and thank you.

I would first try cleaning the MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaner.

That may get rid of the O2 sensors codes.


I’m not seeing p0154 or p0157 as valid codes for the 02 Eclipse GS 2.4L SOHC engine. P0102 refers to a problem with the mass airflow meter (maf) circuit producing either no output signal or too low of frequency signal (below 3.3 Hz for 2 seconds at idle rpm or higher). There’s an mpi relay and assorted connectors involved and voltages that a shop could check to make sure everything’s being powered up correctly. I’d guess that’s not the problem, and the sensor is just not working for some reason. Cleaning it as a trial makes sense. If that doesn’t work, replace it. The other common reason for this is an air leak into the engine that bypasses the sensor. Often caused by a split rubber boot in the air intake path, so check for that. A pcv system failure could cause this too, if your car uses the traditional pcv valve setup. If it does, which appears to be the case from what I’m seeing, makes sense to try replacing the pcv valve on a flyer, as the part is usually pretty inexpensive.

The proper way to handle this problem is measure the maf output signal frequency at various engine rpms. If all else fails your Mitsubishi specialty shop can do that for you. A faulty maf output signal could cause this symptom.

OP states 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT which is a V6.

Why would someone need a ‘Specialty Shop’ for a 16 year old Mitsubishi . Any good shop can solve this problem.

Oops, looking at the wrong chart. Yes the GT version uses the 3L V6 engine. For the v6 the 154 and 157 P-codes are used to tattle on problems with exhaust bank 2 O2 sensors (sensor 1 and sensor 2, before and after the cat). The problem with the MAF sensor needs to be debugged first, as its solution may solve the O2 sensor codes, as pointed out above.

Ok. I ordered a MAF sensor, i’ll report back, thanks for the answers guys.