02 Grand Cherokee, Bad transfer case?

Hello everyone im new to vehicles so please bear with me and ill do my best to make sense.

I bought an 02 grand cherokee v8 4.7 with Quadradrive (awd, all the time) recently.

The dude before me had tires waaaay to big that rubbed all of the time so i replaced them on the day of purchase with correct sized tires.
My usual mechanic also replaced a power steering hose that was busted when putting the correct tires on.

Im noticing the rear passenger side tire still sounds like its rubbing or something when i take slow, hard left turns.
Also a little bit of groaning, and there seems to be another leak somewhere with the power steering.

I did some research and youtubin and from what ive seen it sounds like a bad rear transfer case or something to do with the transfer case?

I crawled down there and took some photos, it definitely doesn’t look like its doing too hot.

My current plan is to head to Pull n Save and try to find the same make and model rear transfer case, then have somebody replace it for me.

What’s confusing the heck out of me is all of these 242 and 249 terms, and i’m starting to worry that i’m going to pull the wrong Case and waste time and money.

Do I just need to find another 1999-2004 V8 Quadra Drive and get down there and pull the case?

I could also be way off entirely, I just don’t know enough and am trying to make the most financially reasonable choice for this fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you in advance.

You can’t tell anything about the transfer case by looking at the outside of it. The first thing to do is to determine exactly where the noise is coming from.


I wouldn’t trust a YouTube diagnosis. And definitely wouldn’t start replacing expensive parts based on what it “seems to be”. Get a real diagnosis, it could be something much less expensive than a transfer case.

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What does your usual mechanic say ? Might be the best $100 you spend.

You don’t have to have him fix it, just diagnose it and go from there.

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Take this to a mechanic. And let him get the parts.


10-4, Loud and Clear.

Thank you all!