02 Dodge Intrepid - what is this engine part?

So, I pulled off the highway and into town… about five mins in town, all of a sudden, my engine stalls and smoke starts rolling out from under the hood. The first thing I did was look at the temperature gauge, as we had problems with that in the past - the temperature gauge was normal.

My wife and I push the car into some random person’s drive way and I get the hood popped open - there’s liquid everywhere.

After some discussion, we determine that it’s fluid from the radiator. The smoke is just the fluid burning off the hot engine.

Once the smoke cleared, we got to looking and (unofficially) determined this to be the problem:


It’s some kind of bracket or housing that connects a hose into the radiator. It appears that a “cap” of some kind blew off of it.

Now, I don’t know crap about cars or anything - but does anyone know what this would be called so I can look into finding a replacement part?

Again, it’s a 2002 Dodge Intrepid V6 3.5L


My folks have an '00 Intrepid with the smaller engine (2.7L), but if the layouts are anything alike, this is the location of the air bleeder valve for the cooling system.

I’m not sure the piece that blew off is replaceable on its own, but probably the entire housing is. It should be called a “Water Outlet” or something similar.

Thank you! Now to find someone selling the part online to see what it’s going to cost to replace…