02 cougar trans problem

This is my first time doing a front wheel drive manual trans and i got it all together put a new luk pro clutch with a new slave cylinder and when i got it together i can have the car on and it just goes through the gears like the clutch is in but i never pushed it in. I bleed the clutch there is still air in the line but i dont think it should go through the gears like that without grinding. I cant get the wheels to turn in any gear. Any suggestions?

Have you made sure that the half shaft ends are snapped fully into the differential gears? When you manually turn one wheel (both front wheels raised) does the other seem to try to turn when the transmission is in 1st or Reverse. When you manually turn the wheel with the transmission in 1st or Rev, can you hear cogging noise inside the transmission? While someone manually turns one wheel, see if you get blocking when shifting into 1st and/or reverse.

I am assuming that this is a V6 with the 5 speed transmission. Have you tried openning the bleed nipple and/or disconnecting the high pressure line to see if you get engagement? As you tightened the bolts retaining the pressure plate was there even pressure as you went from bolt to bolt in the pattern? Did the transaxle bell housing slide up to the engine with little effort or did you have to draw it up with the bolts?

What were the symptoms that necessitated the replacement of the clutch disc and pressure plate?

If you can go thru the gears without stepping on the clutch pedal with the engine running, and there’s no grinding of the gears, tells me either the clutch disc wasn’t installed or the input shaft into the transmission is broken.


I sure wish the OP would come back even if it is to say that he found the new disk in the clutch kit box.