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'02 Chevy Tracker - Doesn't Start After it gets Hot

The problem started several months ago. At first it would only happen once in a while and would only last about 5 mins. The first time it happened I had it towed to my shop and it ran fine when it got there. Go figure. They told me they couldn’t diagnose it if it wasn’t acting up while they had it. Makes sense. But it never does it when I’m there for routine maintenance. Now it’s doing it for twenty minutes at a crack. It’s usually fine around town unless I get stuck in stop and go traffic. When it usually acts up is when I get on the road between work and home (New Orleans and Tampa). Every time I stop for gas I have to wait for it to decide it wants to start again. All of this is putting heavy wear on my starter. I changed the oxygen sensor (position no. 01), because that was the only error code that showed up. That didn’t fix it. My mechanic says he thinks the next best step might be the cam and/or crank sensor. If not that, then he thinks we should change out the brain. Somebody else said it might be the fuel pump goin out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I travel too far for work and I can’t afford to fix things that probably won’t solve the problem. I work offshore and may not be able to read/reply right away. But thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Have the crankshaft position sensor tested first. Common problem on GM vehicles.

You can drive for miles and not have a problem. But if you stop and allow the components under the hood to have a chance to heat soak such as the crank position sensor, the vehicle won’t start until it cools down.

Have your mechanic look up the specs for the crank sensor. Then apply heat to the crank sensor via a heat gun to see if it falls out of spec.