02 chevy avallanche

i just recently had work done on my avalanche, replaced vacum booster, master cylinder, rt.rear rotor,rt rear caliper ,drained and replaced brake fluid.the problem is still there . when i apply brakes a growl noise is heard and the brakes catch quickly or it feels like it locks up and i have to pump the brakes to get them to stop the truck? is it in the abs?

If this happens at slow speed just before you stop, the problem might be with the ABS.

The problem occurs if the wheel speed sensors form rust under them. This causes the wheel speed sensors move out of alignment to the sensor tone rings. This causes a false signal to the speed sensors where they detect either wheel is locking up and the ABS kicks in at slow speeds.

The fix is to remove the wheel speed sensors and remove the rust from the speed sensor mounting surfaces. Then apply a thin coat of grease to the sensor mounting surfaces to prevent future rusting and remount the sensors.


Ya gotta love that ABSBS

Been there, done that, don’t need to do this again, Peacefrog. This is a very common issue with a cheap, easy fix.

tester :thanks for the quick response on my abs problem. also to peacefrog and mark9207. ill let u guys know whats up when i show my mech friend ur comments. thanx again , hopefuly it will be the cheap fix