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02 Camry Strut bearing orientation

Hello guys…my car was in an accident (Front right) where the strut problem is. It seems that the bearings are binding which twists and loads the spring ( which releases with an audible “bong”) I have a new mount and bearing ready to put on… since I can’t use the existing bearing orientation because the previous owner/shop has installed it. Does the taper side face down ? Mike

That sounds more like a broken strut spring. Not an upper strut bearing.

I forgot to add. The upper strut bearing is clocked with the strut tower. Which means it can only be installed in one orientation.


I’m holding the new mount upside down and the bearing ring just sits in the cup. There are no slots in the bearing (there’s a slot to lock the shaft to tighten the top nut). I’ll take off the tire to check the coil… thanks Tester ( …there seemed to be quite a few of online comments about front end "bong " sounds which lead me to the binding idea.I did’t hear it till after changing a very loose sway bar link. )…mike