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02 Camry Solara SE: Aftermarket Catalytic Converter?

Ok, I discovered today that my 2.4L Solara isn’t going to pass inspection here in Texas without a new catalytic converter. Trusty mechanic says I have to take it to the dealer (and pay $1500!!!) since no aftermarket part exists. However, I find multiple aftermarket options when I search online: parts by Catco, by Eastern etc. Whats really going on? Anybody?

How many miles on your Camry? Toyota covers the cat for 8 yrs/80k miles.

Oh, and I know it has had the PO420 code pulled off the OBD II. Seems that maybe there is a front and rear catalytic converter and there are many FRONT options available and no rear options…hrm. Does that mean that I do not have a rear converter? Just thought I’d offer a little more info.

105k. :frowning: sad Here’s a direct fit cat for your car. More than a third of the cost of the dealer. Don’t know if it comes with the necessary gaskets, but those can be picked up at a local parts store.


Ok great! I had seen that one come up in my searches! Is Eastern a reliable maker of parts?

My daughters 03 Corolla with about the same # of miles also threw a P0420 code. I soaked the rear O2 sensor in alcohol for a couple of hours, it went away for a week. Then I soaked the front O2 sensor and so far, so good. Its only been a week and a half though.

A P0420 is a difficult code to troubleshoot. It is not always the front cat converter. Most often it is due to a leak in the exhaust system. The O2 sensors can also cause this.