02 Accord Spark Test Equals 2 Sparks and No More

Cranks, but won’t start. I spark tested 2 of the 6 cylinders and saw only 2 sparks and no more each time I attempted cranking. They were strong, good looking sparks. I spark tested with an Autocraft Ignition Tester, Part No. AC657, from Advance Auto.
Thanks, Jim

I should have added…it’s a VTEC V6.

What codes did you pull from the OBD-II port? On OBD-II cars, this should ALWAYS be the first start.

You might want to check the PGM/FI relay.

This relay not only supplies power to the fuel pump/injectors, but it also supplies power to the computer.

PGM= Program

FI=Fuel injection.

Since Hondas are notorious for these relays failing, that’s where I’d start.


I think you may have a problem where the ECM isn’t getting its proper trigger signal consistently. A faulty crank sensor could cause this. Did this start to happen on really hot days? That would be confirming of a faulty crank sensor.

I have to fess up. I left out what may have been a key piece of info since I now know the resolution. Last week, the computer was replaced in the car. It had been driven fine for a couple of days. I wasn’t wanting to influence folks thinking with that info since I was suspect of that new computer because of only getting the 2 sparks. I wanted to see if others’ thoughts went in that direction. As it turns out, I had it towed back to the dealer to avoid any claims of me voiding warranty of their work. Well, the problem turned out to be the key we were using. The dealer never asked us for all keys that go with the car so they could program the computer to recognize all 3 keys. My daughter grabbed the spare keys to move it out of the driveway to let her sister out. Because she grabbed one of the spares that hadn’t been matched up, the computer wouldn’t allow the car to start. I suppose that explains the 2 spark pattern I was seeing. Thanks for the feedbacks!