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01 Tahoe fuel system & Tow/Haul probs

Ok, so lately, the Tow/haul has been coming on by itself. Not just the light, but kicking on. The only way to turn it off is to stop & put it in park. My husband was looking around the steering column & saw an orange wire, he grabbed it & it came loose. So we thought maybe a short. Problem solved, But it’s still doing it, so we’re clueless! How can we fix it?
The fuel problem. Sometimes it just wont start. Hubby has to crawl underneath it & bang on something a few times, and then it will start. We almost always hear the fuel pump kick on when turning the key on. We just aren’t quite sure what could be the problem. From stuff I’ve read, it could be vapor canister, fuel injector, or fuel pump. It has glass packs, idk if its related, just puttin it out there lol .
Our MPG is pretty good, and it runs great, it’s not sluggish or anything like that. Just won’t start.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: he has to bang on the gas tank a couple times to get it to start. He’s changed fuel filters about 3x & after rhat it’ll start fine. So guess its time to drop the tank & clean it out. We’ve tried the gas treatments but they dont work very well.

Still stuck on the TOW/HAUL problem!

Classic symptoms of a bad fuel pump.

That right there is a clue. Carmakers usually don’t add loose wires into an SUV just to mess with you. A 17 year old SUV may have had some modifications over the years so I’d suggest a wiring diagram, a flashlight and a search for whether or not an orange wire should be there and what is attached to.

The Tow/Haul button is just a momentary contact that tells the ECU to switch modes. Normal default startup is OFF. Since the button does nothing when you push it, I’d suggest the wire is broken and the flailing end is touching ground occasionally so the ECU switches to tow/haul mode.

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