Volkswagen Jetta Stalls and Dealership Doesn't Know Why

I took my 1998 Volkswagen Jetta with 78,000 to the dealership to have it fixed. When I slow down to a creeping pace, like pulling into a parking space, the car stalls and then stops. It then takes awhile to restart - the last time it took 10 minutes.

The mechanic said when he drove it he didn’t experience any stalling and he can not find a computer code for the problem. Has anyone had a similar issue or have a suggestion for fixing it? Thanks!

I think that the problem is inside the automatic transmission. The lock up torque converter is supposed to unlock at speeds below 30 mph. It sounds like it isn’t unlocking. Go to a transmission shop. This type of problem is “old hat” to them.

Thanks we willhope that does it.