'01 Isuzu Rodeo: Evaporative Emissions Monitor

I have an 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. Upon inspection, I learned that I needed a new O2 Sensor as well as a new EGR Valve to pass. I fixed both. The check engine light has stayed off.

I was told that the sensors should reset themselves within 35 miles, at which time the vehicle would pass inspection. However, upon returning for the final inspection, I learned that my Evaporative Emissions Control System and Catalytic Converter Efficiency Monitors have yet to clear. I have driven the car over 80 miles at this point. How do I at least make one of these monitors clear? (RI law requires all but one of the monitors be cleared before it allows a 2001 vehicle to past inspection.)

“How do I at least make one of those monitors to clear?” By that, I’m assuming and understand from your post that your CEL is off, but there is still “pending codes” stored in the computer. I might suggest you have an actual code getting ready to set off your light. If the shop turned off the CEL (and hence cleared the codes) with their OBD tool, then you might still have the problem. If they did not turn off the light or clear your codes with their tool, I’d get them to, or get any Autozone or other aftermarket parts store that will do this for free. If you get pending trouble codes cleared, you should be good to go. If they come back, then you do have an issue still not resolved.