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01 ford explorer engine problem?

I have a 01 ford explorer, and im having a big issue i think?

So i was driving my 01 ford explorer 4.0L v6, and it died, i started it back up normally no problems, drove down the street and again it dies, i stopped at the autoparts store and checked the battery, and alternator, i was told the battery had a bad cell so i got a new battery went to start the truck and no start but it turns over i checked the sparks and they need to be changed soon but it shouldnt be the problem, fuel injectors are clean and fuel pressure is good. i also checked obdii codes and nothing pops up but truck wont start, there is a medium loud clanking noise coming from what sounds like is from the timing chain on the front right topside but cant really tell exactly any advice about what to check or what it might be would be very much appreciated, thank you in advance!

also when i checked the spark plugs i realized that 4 and 5 plugs were switched positions on the distributor

That doesn’t sound good!

In case you’re wondering, this is what the timing set looks like.


i know there is 3 chains in my engine 2 front 1 rear i just dont know if thats what the problem is bc is just happened out of nowhere i guess the front main one where the stabilizer is it could be from that chain snapping?

Does the engine turn over at normal speed when trying to start it?

Or does it seem like it turns over a little faster?


same speed but it would only die if i was idling and it would have a rough time to get to speed limit but once it did it would run fine till the last time it died

No Check Engine light?


no check engine light no error codes and didnt over heat

First you said it didn’t run at all, then "it would only die if i was idling and it would have a rough time to get to speed limit "

which is it?

“4 and 5 plugs were switched positions on the distributor” how long has this been true?

I was driving the vehicle and it died when I stopped at the light i turned the key over and it started, but at every light till i got to the auto part’s shop it would die and start again i got to the auto part’s store and it died and wouldn’t start, so thats why i checked battery and alternator and got the obdii coeds read and the only thing that came up with those 3 things was a bad cell on the battery so i got a new battery and still no start it would crank but no start and no errors I checked the spark plugs and they were receiving spark but were worn from the .06 to a .1, and realized low oil so put more oil in it, still no start I checked the air flow and it was clear i also checked fuel pressure and fuel injectors both good.

How did you determine this. With two plugs switched it would have ran very poorly before this problem arose.

How did you determine that you have good fuel pressure. Was it hooked to a mechanical gauge? What pressure did you get???


i determined it by tracing the plugs to the distrubutor, it had a backfire every once in awhile. it was 63 psi but would bounce from 60-65 psi

Did you just buy this exploder and someone else switched those plug wires?
Or did you replace the wires and mix them up.
It must have ran pretty bad while the wires were mixed up.

60 /65psi,is good pressure for the 4.0 OHV engine.
I think if it is the 4.0 SOHV engine the pressure is more like 30/35psi

If this clanking IS where you describe it…It may just be a timing chain.


I didn’t know the ford 4.0 had a distributor , as far as I know the 4.0 has a coil pack

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it is i just got the name for it wrong still doesnt change anything

Have you done a compression test yet?

no not yet … the autoparts store had to order the the compression gauge for me it comes friday.
so still lost.