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97 Town Car cracked!

edited 9:45AM in The Show
So, for reasons not even entirely clear to myself, I'm a (relatively) young guy driving a '97 Lincoln Town Car. I thought the car was in pretty good shape and, with tinted windows, I can pretend I'm a mafioso.

Unfortunately, the darn thing started gurgling and crunching under acceleration. It was off to the front right as you sit in the driver's seat.

Both the dealer and an independent guy agree, it's a cracked intake manifold. It's over on the passenger side, toward the rear, and is a small plastic bit that enters the engine block. And, indeed, looks cracked.

Basically, I've been told that I have a ticking time bomb. It could blow any minute, spewing all the coolant out, and instantly overheating and seizing my engine.

I've been quoted a price of $1500 by the dealer, and $800 by the independent.

My problem is, is that the darn car is only worth about $4000. And, it's already eaten my entire car budget for the year.

Should I fix it? Can I leave it be and just keep adding coolant? Help!!


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