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2001 Acura CL Check engine light

I have a 01 Acura Cl, with about 80,000.
<br/> The check engine light came on. It had codes for random misfire, started in #1, then rotated thru all 6 cylinders.
<br/> I changed the plugs and reset.
<br/> Came back on.
<br/> I added injector cleaner, (BG, then seafoam). reset the light, It returned.
<br/> I have tried a new coil in the #1 clylinder to no avail.
<br/> What should I do next?


  • edited March 2008
    If it is having misfires on all cylinders, then any part that is related to only one cylinder, like a plug, is not going to be the problem. It could be further up the line so the signal that triggers the spark is not being made. It could also be a problem with the CEL system.
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    Could you tell me what you mean by "Further up the line'?
    And how to check what you mean.
  • edited March 2008
    Isn't that under emissions warranty yet?
  • edited March 2008
    Good question!
    I never thought of that.
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