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Ignition Lock Cylinder

I was wondering if anyone might happen to know as to where I can get a new ignition lock cylinder for a 2000 Kia Sportage, manual transmission vehicle. I have checked with the dealer and the dealer can get the part, but it's $250.00 dollars for the part. I've been looking online for some other place that I might be able to get the part from, but at the moment I'm not having any luck finding it anywhere. The part that I need is the lock cylinder that the key goes into on the steering column.

It needs to be replaced because it was damaged and broken by thieves in 2009. Since February 2008 my car has for one reason or another been the subject of both vandalism and attempted theft. Up until recently the only real mechanical problems that I've had with the car has been a plugged Primary Catalytic Convertor and the battery and alternator going out on me and needing to be replaced.

The rest of the problems that I have had with the car have been the result of vandalism and attempted theft and it's something that I've been trying to address when my finances allow me to do so.



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