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Genuine Toyota Motor Oil

I'm curious as to who makes "Genuine Toyota Motor Oil". In other words, is it Mobil One, Pennzoil, Castrol etc. under another name?

And if you know the answer, do you have a source to support your answer?

Thanks in advance.


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    I have a friend that works for a Toyota dealer and he says that the oil is manufactured by Mobil. I also found this info on a Toyota forum. According to this forum the Genuine Toyota Oil bottle is clearly labeled "Mobil" and Mobil also makes some of the synthetic Toyota oil.

    Just check at a Toyota dealer.....have them show you the oil in a black bottle.
  • Toyota's don't need "special" motor oil...It's Honda's and Audi's that need special lubricants to keep them alive..BMW's are borderline motor oil obsessive too...

    Toyota engines generally last longer than the rest of the vehicle so worrying about motor oil is loves labor lost...
  • I only mention it because Toyota recommends that you use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil, which I'm sure doesn't mean that it is required, but is most likely more of a marketing thing for Toyota.
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    It means Toyota does not trust the Motor Oil Market Place and the hundreds of products labeled "Motor Oil" available to the consumer..

    If you have your car serviced at the Toyota Dealership do you automatically get "Genuine Toyota Motor Oil" or do they follow tradition and use bulk dispensing equipment fed by 55 gallon drums provided by one of the major oil companies...?
  • It takes a lot of guts to recommend your own motor oil when another company's name is printed on your bottles. Good thing I don't have to buy Craftsman oil for my lawn tractors; I couldn't afford to. Six or seven dollars for straight 30 weight. Rip me off a little but don't leave a permanent scar.
  • Every manufacturer is going to recommend you use "their" fluids. I suppose you can't go wrong doing this, but you can get just as good of oil elsewhere, cheaper. Maybe the exception being with ATF+4 and Chrysler transmissions. If Mobil actually does make Toyota-branded oil, buy Mobil instead and save some $$. I can understand them wanting people to use Mobil-1 with some sludging problems a matter of record on some motors.
  • I don't know about now, but 10 years ago, Purolator was making Toyota oil filters. Why buy the Genuine Toyota oil filter at $10 apice, when you can get the exact same filter at Autozone for $2.95?
  • I know this doesn't apply at every Toyota dealership but my local Toyota dealer in the Los Angeles area has been advertising through their monthly mailer Toyota 5W-30 for $2.90 per quart, no limit. It's for conventional oil only, not synthetics and you need the coupon in the flyer. However, this has been running for several months and at the beginning you didn't even need the coupon. Maybe this just a loss leader, I don't know, but sometimes prices aren't always what you expect from the dealer.
  • I just looked at a bottle of "Toyota" motor oil and it's clearly marked "Mobil." I don't know what moron disagreed me when I posted the truth but they know who they are.
  • I don't know either missileman, but it was odd. I usually ignore those things, but I just offset it for your with an "agree"
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