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2003 Jag S-type rear end noise at 35mph

Ok, here's a fun one. My Jag S-type makes this odd rubbing noise, intermittently. That's the problem, nobody has been able to find out what it is because it's never happening when they test it. Sometimes when I'm driving at roughly 35 mph, there's this very rhythmic rubbing noise that sounds like it's coming from the right rear wheel (kind of a rump..rump..rump) type of sound. 1) I've got two sets of tires and wheels (summer and winter) and it does it regardless of which of them is on the car. 2) the car must be under power, if I take my foot off the accelerator the noise goes away. 3) It's most likely to do it going up hill, or when it crests a hill, never downhill. 4) It does it most frequently in the same places, i.e. there a gas station on the crest of a hill on my way home, it probably does it there more than anywhere else. Also a hill on the way to work that is a frequent location for it to happen. 5) Jag dealers have checked the car over and say the suspension looks fine. 6) There's no unusual tire or brake wear on the right rear, or anywhere else. The car is reliable, I take it on long trips all the time, just this one annoying noise that drives me nuts, and I'm sure it's a symptom of something that needs attention, it's just that nobody can determine what "it" is.


  • This is purely a guess. The differential and/or transmission could be shifting in their mounts causing something to rub, or stressing one of the CV joints enough to make the noise. Rump rump isn't a typical CV joint noise, but this is a guess. The mounts could be worn out or loose. How many miles? Did the Jaguar mechanics test drive the car and confirm the noise or are they working in the dark?
  • Wow. I thought I was crazy, but there are at least 2 of us. My 2004 S-Type 3.0, 87k, does the exact same thing and has always done so since I got it at approx. 70k. It occurs in a very narrow range, 32-34 mph; and only when lightly accelerating. (That's where the hill thing comes in, because you have to be lightly accelerating but not moving out of the 32-34 mph range.) It's like you're driving over very weak rumble strips about 20 feet apart, kind of subtle. It hasn't gotten noticeably worse or different in the 2 years I've had the car, but like dhfenton I wish to heck I knew what it is.
  • I'm going to go with the CV joint. Rump rump is a typical noise when the rear CV joints go on these. And the noise varyng with the torque applied would be a normal part fo the symptom.

    But someone has to look. Can't tell for sure from here.
  • The Jag guys can't make it happen when they drive it, so they're in the dark. Went to and got a highly rated jag tech, and he's leaning toward the differential also. So I bet that's probably right.

    So good to hear I'm not alone with this one Racketmensch. Your rumble strip description is dead on. Do you ever have problems with a lot of snow on the road making it feel like you've hit an ice ball with the back tire?
  • Replacing the rear wheel bearings shouldn't be THAT expensive, but I'm just guessing..Not familiar with Jags. Does it have IRS or a solid rear axle?
  • I had the wheel bearings checked when this noise started, and they're fine. That's why I'm leaning toward a differential problem.
  • ts mountainbike, is that the only time you mentioned IRS and didn't snarl afterwards? ; )
  • Given the conditions stated by both parties, I am more inclined to think it an exhaust related component.
  • You might see if you can find someone familiar with your problem here:

    This is about the best resource I've ever seen for a Jaguar owner. It's worth killing a couple hours on this site even if you don't own one.
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