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cruise control shuts off

edited December 2011 in Repair and Maintenance
I have a 2009 Mercury Milan. Ever since I have had the car I have had a problem with the cruise control suddenly turning off. It is erratic and will happen usually once on a two hour trip on the highway day or night. And it completely turns off - no RESUME. It never puts up any codes that the dealer can see. The dealer will not do anything because they cannot duplicate the problem. They tried once on a short 5 mile drive but they would have to take it on the highway and drive it for at least one half hour to an hour. They said there were no similar problems reported through Mercury. They initially suggested that perhaps I was accidently hitting the brake pedal but I have been acutely aware of where my feet are when it happens and it is not me. And anyway this would not explain the fact that it turns off completely. My warranty is going to run out in several months and I would like to get this fixed before it does. Any suggestions?


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