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"Replacement" brand auto parts. Are they any good?

I'm replacing some old parts (front shock/struts) on my 2000 Buick LeSabre. As I checked the internet for parts, I came across parts made by a company called "Replacement" auto parts. They are priced about 40% less than other shock/struts with brand names like Monroe, Gabriel, KBY. Has anyone used these low priced parts? Do they last as long as the name ones?


  • I found the site for these guys
    and they're not manufacturers. They're a parts company, just like autopartswarehouse or VIP.

    What you DO want to look for are the words "OEM replacement" or "Direct OEM replacement". These words indicate that the parts are designed to the original parts specifications and to replace the original parts exactly.
  • Another site, which has the replacement unit for the front shock/strut, is at The price for the OE unit is $33.87 instead of the $84.00~ of the KYB listed at another on-line place like Autozone or O'Reilly, which sell their parts for about $85. Although I like the price, I have not heard of the manufacturer before; I'm all for low prices, but not when it comes to my families safety.
    Have you come across this manufacturer before? "Replacement" is the name of the company.
  • KYB is a good brand. I wouldn't hestitate to use them when the price is right.
  • You can save by buying online, but if you get too cheap you will get burnt. Try rockauto and amazon and get something with a known name. I have seen "replacement" parts on partstrain website, the prices were low, but then even ignoring safety there is a lot of time and effort that goes into putting the part in. I once spent half a day putting in a defective radiator, due to time restraints had to take it to a mechanic for redo, so didn't save money at all and lost half a day of my life.
  • KYB is an original equipment manufacturer for Scion. I just this past spring put some KYB shocks on my tC. I plan to put KYB struts on after the holidays. They're a good product.
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    Although I don't think being a manufacturer for Scion automatically makes their parts equal to Scion under their own name, I agree with your point "same". Subcontractors make parts according to specs. required by the automaker.

    I say the opposite is often true. I have found for example, in replacing the the rear leaf springs of a Toyota PU, the after market had a better warranty and reputation for being less "brittle" and prone to breaking when off roading. I don't think it's an isolated case and feel there are aftermarket parts "superior" often to OEM and or other after market parts makers.

    I am no longer impressed by the OEM designation or "name brands" and feel it's a part particular decision as to which is best for you and your car.

  • Sometimes aftermarket parts are actually BETTER then OEM parts. Sometimes there's a design flaw in the OEM part...The aftermarket companies have made parts with the OEM design flaw fix.
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    It's pretty normal to use after market parts that are not OEM to improver performance, especially in the suspension components. Car makers have as much vested into keeping their cost to their subcontractors down and making lower quality parts then after market is pretty standard operating procedure in many areas. They then charge you outrageous prices for their OEM parts giving you the illusion they are better.

    This may be true in a few cases but with a little research, you can often do better for less. Suspension components, wipers, tires, sound system, wheel rims, even brake pads and some ignition components...and the list goes on. Body parts especially to improve rust prevention are another area.

    One of the most helpful resources to me in replacement parts has been parts people at the dealer. Get on a first name basis with some ( one was a relative) and they can save you lots of money with their referrals.
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