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Front wheel whumping after drive axle replacement?

I have a 92 4x4 3vz-e with auto hubs. Just got done with drive axle replacement on both sides. After about 15 miles I started hearing a whumping coming from the passenger side. It doesn't seem to be affected by stepping on the clutch. The noise usually comes when turning, or braking. The noise is not constant.
<br/> Does anyone have any experience with this? I think that if it was the wheel bearing the noise would be constant. Is that true? Or could it be its just starting to go out.
<br/> I also took off the stabilizing bars to change the axles, and also replaced the shocks. I don't think this would have anything to do with this.
<br/> Any thoughts would be helpful.


  • edited April 2011
    Were these reman axles? They can be real junk.
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