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The Best Wiper Blades

Alright everyone, Springtime is upon us, and for some of us, that means spring showers and thunderstorms. I've always regarded wiper blades being an absolutely essential safety feature on any car. Its often overlooked, however.
<br/> If one were to replace their wiper blades, you'd find that there are literally tons of options: Beam blades, Teflon, silicone, ones that are so expensive that you'd expect them to make you breakfast in the morning for you, and ones so cheap, you might think they "smear" rather than wipe.
<br/> This leads to a discussion: What are your favorite wiper blades? What's the best out there in your experience, whats the worst? Is it worth to spend upwards of 50 bucks for a new set? Do you take the time to replace the inserts, or do you just replace the whole blade?


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    My favorite wiper blades are the ones you can refill yourself. In my area the only parts store that sells refills (@ $4.99 ea.) is NAPA. The brand of blade doesn't matter to me, they all seem to be about the same.

    Whatever the brand of blade I'll use refills and keep the blades for a long time.
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    As wiper blades come from different manufacturers, it's near impossible to sell , or buy , the correct refill on the first try. Hence, Ford stopped even trying and at Auto Zone it's a crap shoot as to which kind of blade is on the customer's car.

    The el-cheapo all plastic ones are junk.
    I've tied beam blades yet found nothing better than the Ford OE ( made by Trico ) and their parts house equivilants.
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    the best blades you can get are ones that fit properly. I made the mistake of picking up 2 blades the same size and the one kept coming loose when I used it; thankfully I used RainX, so I didn't need to use them often. I didn't realize until I replaced the blades later on that I had gotten 2 20" blades instead of an 18" and 20"
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    I like both the Bosch micro-edge and the cheaper Michelin at WalMart.
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    On my Toyota (and previously Honda) I bought the rubber inserts that fit the original blades.
    I buy them online for less than the aftermarket blades.
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    I've had good luck with Bosch Icons, they are beam blades. I paid about $40 for a pair about 2.5 years ago. They still work great, no streaking or chattering. I'll probably replace them this summer out of principle. Best wiper blades I've ever used. Previously I had used conventional Trico wipers, I don't think I ever had a set of those last more than 10 months or so. But I got them free from my neighbor who worked for Trico, so I can't complain too much.

    I always replace the whole blade.
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    Every three years I go to Wal-Mart and get new Anco wipers.
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    I buy the cheap ones..they work great and are easily replaced when need be. Your barking up the wrong tree
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    I wasn't trying to bark up any tree at all. I just wanted to create a discussion and see what was on peoples minds. Maybe give others who read this some ideas. I myself am a fan of the expensive Bosch Icons, they last me at least 2 years, and I replace them out of default. I know some people, like a friend of mine, who doesn't replace the blades until the rubber is practically ripped off, and replaces them with awful ones that last 2 weeks anyway. Its just what he does.
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    I agree that the Michelin blades sold at WalMart are a great value. For about $5-$8 depending on the length they work very well and last a long time.

    My only experience with the newer style "beam" blades was on a friend's VW and they did not work nearly as well as the traditional "wiper" style.
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