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car cranks but wont start unless press gas pedal

I have a 2002 avalon XLS. In the morning the car cranks but wont start unless I press the gas pedal. After that everything was fine. But recently the problem is getting worse. The car became harder to start although it will start eventually. I have changed the Mass air flow sensor, but did not solve the problem. Any suggestion?


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    The throttle positioner isn't working. There may be other problems too. The mass airflow sensor shouldn't keep it from starting. Bring er in and we'll check it out.
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    It is also possible that the problem is the result of a bad fuel pressure regulator.
    Is the Check Engine Light illuminated?
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    no checking engine light at all. thanks
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    You could also have a vacume leak....especially in the flexible rubber hose that goes from the airbox/MAF sensor to the throttle body on the engine. Look at that rubber hose and look for cracks. Also look for other possible causes for a vacume leak around the engine bay.
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    The problem might be with a defective Idle Air Control valve. This valve allows the engine to idle under all conditions. If this valve fails to allow air into the engine the engine won't idle. When you step on the accelerator while starting the engine, this opens the throttle plate which allows air into the engine. This then allows the engine to start.

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    If you leave the key in the on position for 20 seconds before you try and start the car and it starts right away let us know.
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    Yesterday I changed my spark plug and in-line fuel filter. It looks fine now (but only one day so far). It might be a clogged fuel filter.
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