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2002 Saturn SL automatic transmission problem

<br/> I'm having problems with my automatic transmission in a 2002 Saturn SL.
<br/> About 2 months ago I noticed a delay when I would put my saturn in reverse and it would sort of kick into gear after a few seconds (up to 10seconds sometimes). I wasn't worried much about this at first until another problem started happening. Between second and third gear it seems to be shifting slow/hard(?). I can feel where it wants to shift, but its slow to shift and actual revs high before shifting down. The problem doesn't always exist, and some days its more then others.
<br/> We took it to get a transmission fluid/filter change and this didn't help the problem. Took it back for a transmission diagnositc and GM told us we need to replace the transmission or do an overhaul. They didn't explain why really though- no clear answer. We're looking to get a second opinion, but wanted to hear some other thoughts.
<br/> I've heard everything from the torque converter to a solenoid problem. Any thoughts?
<br/> Thanks!


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    I would suggest taking your car to a local independent transmission shop. Hear what they say and likely have them do the work. Frankly they likely have more experience and expertise than the dealer. I suspect they are going to tell you it is going to be expensive, but less expensive than the dealer and likely will do a better job.

    I am sorry to say this, but while I strongly suggest chaining the fluid and cleaning/replacing the fluid, it only works when you do it before there is a problem. It is a shame that most if not all manufacturers don't seem to include transmission fluid changes are regular maintenance and I fear many transmissions are lost because they never get the maintenance they need.
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    Check your transmission fluid, it should be bright red. If it isn't, then whoever you took it to either didn't change it, or it was really bad to begin with. Sometimes you have to do two or three changes in a row to get it cleaned out.

    Hang around here for a while, there is a guy who goes by transman318 who is pretty knowledgeable about these things.
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    Yeah if the transmission fluid is low, it will most likely exhibit theses problems. Check the fluid, and you could even get it flushed, but probably won't help much. Automotive Maintenance needs to be performed regularly so these problem don't happen. From my experience with this car, it sounds like a transmission pressure control solenoid. Have it scanned for codes at your local parts store. Find out how to get a Free Check Engine Light Check
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